Weekend Vibes: Austin, Tx

Locales     |    March 19th, 2015

After almost three solid weeks of gray skies, cold weather and a terrible cold, I was more than ready for a weekend of sun and fun. Thankfully last weekend’s trip to Austin more than delivered. After over a month of looking forward to our mini-vacation, my friend Victoria, myself, and my pup Winnifred piled into the Mini Cooper and made the three and a half hour drive from Dallas to Austin.


My grandma lives about 40 minutes outside of the city, allowing us a tiny respite to the country as well. Situated on 30 acres of rolling pasture, my family’s property had thrived from the recent rainfall and greeted us as a lush sea of velvety green.


Morning light at the ranch


City Winnie enjoyed romping through the fields

Saturday in the city was devoted to sundress wearing, coffee drinking, vintage shopping and some delicious eats. It was sunny and 75 degrees outside. If only Texas weather could be like this year round.


I never met a vintage sidewalk sale I didn’t like


Making new friends at Uncommon Objects

In celebration of the date, 3/14, aka 3.14, aka Pi Day, we made it a point to indulge in the day’s (sort of) namesake and stopped into Royer’s Pie Haven for a slice of strawberry-rhubarb and not-my-mom’s apple pie. We wrapped up Saturday at Dovetail tattoo, where Victoria got a lovely new piece of script. Post tattoo drinks at the Butterfly Bar and then we headed back to the ranch for the night.


If only everyday was pi(e) day

Victoria's Christmas tree gimlet

Victoria’s Christmas tree gimlet and brand new tattoo

On Sunday we decided to keep pretending we were on vacation and had dessert before lunch. In case my donut obsession has yet to make itself known, let me assure you I’m both a connoisseur and zealot of the sugary, fried treat. Gourdough’s donuts were out of this world. I had the Miss Shortcake, cream cheese icing with fresh cut strawberries and Victoria had the Naughty & Nice, sugary, honey cinnamon bliss. I have had subsequent dreams about these donuts every night this week.


Big. Fat. Donuts.

Food dreams continued to come true with lunch at RamenTatsu-ya. Fresh noodles, flavorful broth and they have an instagram account! Go follow some noodles and torture yourself with daily ramen cravings.


Ol’ Skool ramen


Slurping required

Before driving back to Dallas we made a detour to Jacob’s Well in Wimberely, Texas. We were fully prepared to jump into the clear cold water of this perennial karstic spring but unfortunately it was closed for swimming until May. As much as I love breaking the rules, the park rangers were parked and watching. Blast! Be prepared for a future update on swimming adventures this summer.

The water was calling to us

The water was calling to us

The cave well descends 30 feet before angling out into a series of underwater caverns. The water was so crystalline that you could hardly tell our feet were underwater.

Fully submerged toes

Fully submerged toes

Hopefully next year I will have the opportunity to return to Austin around this time and go to SXSW as well. Until then, I’m looking forward to more spring days filled with exploring, road tripping, friends and sunshine.


Until next time Austin


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