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Design     |    March 3rd, 2015

My latest unnecessarily necessary purchase had me jumping for joy when I opened the box. Online shopping can be a bit of a gamble, but did not disappoint. In fact I’m wondering how it took me so long to make the switch from admirer to customer.


It all started with the watermelon purse. Technically a cooler bag, this satchel has summertime fun written all over it. It has since been on my arm every day for the past two weeks and have smiled each time picked it up.

DSC_0999 DSC_1040

Then came the travel mug. Hot pink lid, relevant beverage related statement and I can never have too many mugs because I always leave them places. Done!


Coffee coffee coffee and a vintage nylon headscarf

And finally the adorable wired chiffon head scarves. I never style my hair anymore and frequently find myself feeling more ragged than intended. I am really looking forward to feminizing my weekday uniform of sweatpants jeans and graphic t-shirts with these fun headbands.


The first is a nude pink color with a gold triangle pattern. A perfect neutral without being too dull.


Tiny bow

The second is bright red with tiny gold dots studded across the fabric. It’s such a good red, rich in tone without being overly dark. I think it pairs very nicely with my watermelon tote!


Tiny rosette twist

The wired interior make these headbands easy to manipulate to suit that day’s style and mood.


Doggie photobombs are always welcome

I’m already wishing I had purchased more colors! Another mini photo session will be happening when I do.


Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!

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