Three Ways to Spread Holiday Cheer

Events     |    December 7th, 2016

Without a doubt 2016 was a challenging year for many. Yet in between reports of harm, hurt, and struggle, there were also stories of hope, love and unity. For every negative event, there seemed to be ten more moments where people came together, found community, and supported one another.

After such an emotionally strenuous year, the idea of giving back and contributing to our communities has never felt more important. There is no greater joy to be had than to spread cheer, hope, and love to others. That’s what makes gift giving so much fun! With that joyful spirit in mind, here are three easily achievable ways you can do just that. No matter what your budget or time constraints.

Toys for Tots

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A staple of charitable holiday giving, Toys for Tots is an simple way to bring Christmas joy to a child who would otherwise have none. Simply buy a new toy and drop it off at any of the many donation drop spots in your town. Most Toys-R-Us stores nationwide have donation drops, or visit the Toys for Tots website to find a drop spot near you.

Food Drive

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Another classic way to support your community is to collect canned foods for donation to your local food bank. But don’t do it all alone. Enlist the help of family, coworkers, friends, and neighbors. A small contribution from a multitude of people can have a huge impact. In the Dallas area, the North Texas Food Bank has resources for starting your own drive, complete with tips and helpful suggestions. A quick Google search can help you locate your local food bank. Most food bank websites include lists of the items they need most as well as helpful resources for making your drive a success.

Neighborhood Cookie Drop

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If you happen to have some sugar, a little spice, and something nice in your cupboard, then you’re ready to mix up a batch of cookies to share with neighbors. Sharing homemade (or store bought) baked goods is a great tool for breaking the ice and introducing yourself. My fiancé and I took coffee cakes and cookies to the four neighbors we most interact with. Not only did we (finally) learn their names, we also got to know them a little better. I had no idea the family behind us had three sons or the woman next door had two dogs! And a few of them even returned the favor with thank you cards and a beautiful snowflake ornament.

These are just three of countless ways to give back and spread cheer. The SPCA is always accepting donations of old towels and blankets and Angel Trees can be found at most malls or shopping centers. There is no doubt that the holiday season can be hectic and expensive. But with minimal cost and planning, we can all make small gestures that leave a lasting positive impression. Don’t be shy, just give it a try! You will be so glad that you did.

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