Snow Daze Survival

Design     |    February 25th, 2015

Compared to the East Coast, Midwest and especially Canada, coastal weather is by all definitions mild. As a native Californian my idea of a snow day is a sunny Saturday in Tahoe sipping hot cocoa, hitting the slopes and finishing it off with a soak in the cabin hot tub.


Cabin fever

As such, the arrival of the now dubbed Sleet Show 2015 that hit North Texas this week was a bit of a shock for me. The past three days in Dallas have consisted of freezing rain, tiny hail pellets, and even snow! Not what I was expecting when moving to Texas. Being wimps unaccustomed to the cold, the entire city shut down Monday and Tuesday with more delays and closures through Wednesday morning. No work, no school, no appointments and a freezing apartment. What was a girl to do? Thankfully I survived with the help of a these cabin-fever reducing staples.

Movie Binge Fest:

Mine included The Princess Bride, The Life Aquatic, Gone with the Wind and Amélie



Or whiskey…or wine…really anything that helps warm you from the inside out


I promise I didn’t drink all of this in the past three days

A craft project or three:

Mine were particularly enjoyable after a nip or two from the old crystal decanter. I’ll be sharing one of them in a later post.


A portable space heater:

In addition to the electric variety, my favorite heater is much softer and tucks nicely under the covers as well.


 My snow day was fun but I’m still counting the days until Spring! Hope everyone is keeping warm this winter! xo


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