One Person’s Craziness, Is Another’s Reality

People     |    November 22nd, 2009

I wish I had made that my Senior quote or something…

I’m seriously jealous of anyone living in or near to NYC right now. Last week the MoMa Film benefit hosted a gala tribute to Tim Burton before launching his new MoMA exhibit.

While I don’t really see it happening the exhibit  does run until the end of April so I suppose there is a possibility I could make it to the Big Apple by then.

Who wants to gift me a weekend in NYC for my 21st Bday 🙂

Apparently the exhibit features Burton’s art from his films, from his days as a student, and even some never before published pieces.

I wanna see!!

Of course Helena Bonham-Carter was looking wacky as ever at the gala.

Seriously there could not be a more perfect pair than she and Burton.

I also think it awesome that Johnny Depp is like his Bff. I’d take either of them as a BFF. Actually make that all four.

I would love to walk down the street with this group of people. Even if they weren’t known celebrities. Motley Crew for real.

People who seem kind of random in attendance included:

Brooke Shields?

and MK and Ash Olsen- who looks a tad bit scary to me.

Of course that doesn’t hinder my obsession with the O twins.

In October Burton collaborated for the Oct 2009 issue of Harpers Bazaar with Tim Walker.

The result was pure gothic Burton meets fashion magic. Or as they titled it “Magical Fashion.”

If Edward Scissorhands was friends with Lydia from Beetlejuice.

And a little more Lydia. Winona Ryder was so great at that part.

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