One Day We’re Gonna Live in Paris

Locales     |    December 13th, 2009

Clare Owen Illustration

I’d love to spend Christmas in Paris. I think that is at the top of my “bucket list” or whatever you choose to call your list. This adorable piece is by one my new favorite illustrators Clare Owen.

Last night I had another terrifying reminder of how short life can be. Here’s the story:

I was driving home from work at 2 o’clock in the morning in the rain. Just as I was about to cross an intersection on a green light, I noticed movement out of my left eye and just instinctively hit the brakes. Just then a car came racing through a red light where it proceeded to cross two lanes of traffic, and smash into another car. That car completely flipped and slid and only stopped when it skidded into a pole. I was less than 50 feet away from this entire scene. Drunk driving consequences right before my eyes.

After I had called 911 and left the scene I had a complete and utter breakdown. I was sobbing and shaking and could not control myself. It was so bad I had to pull over and wait for it to pass.

My reaction really shocked me. Normally in scary situations I keep calm and collected, but not this time. Car accident related deaths and injuries have been all too prevalent in my life and I think this close call was truly too close.

Today I’m feeling grateful. Life is such a gift. I hate that it’s so easy to get completely swept away by “the grind” and lose our sense of what is truly important. Not to sound like a cliche but live each day to fullest. To not take advantage of each moment and opportunity life hands us is a crime. I don’t mean we should all go out tomorrow and do something crazy and ridiculous we’ve always wished to have done, but love what you have and don’t stay where you are unhappy just because it seems easier than taking a chance on something new. Life is much too short. So read that book, call that loved one, get that new job, or visit that place–And do it sooner rather than later!

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