OMG We’re Getting Married

Events     |    December 1st, 2016

It has been a crazy Fall to say the least! After an abrupt change to my job (aka they moved to Rhode Island!) I decided to take a much needed break and head home to California. After having way too much fun visiting family and friends, I decided to extend my trip and stay through Thanksgiving. Thankfully, Greg is majorly supportive of my traveling ways, and decided to get his own ticket out to the West Coast to spend the holiday with my California family! We went played tourist and visited friends in San Francisco, met my friend Danielle’s brand new baby girl Avery, and drove through California Gold Country down old Hwy 49.


As if our unexpected trips to California weren’t enough of a surprise, Gregory had something else up his sleeve…something dainty, and feminine and sparkling…did the title give away where this is going yet?

Gregory proposed on November 27, 2016 under the Foresthill Bridge in Auburn, CA. Originally we had made plans to visit Lake Tahoe. Unfortunately, a late-Autumn snowstorm caused for a change of plans, so instead we planned a day driving down old Hwy-49 through California Gold Country.

The sun was setting as we descended the foothills into Auburn, CA. As we rounded a corner, Foresthill Bridge, the tallest bridge in CA, came into view, emitting a golden green glow in the light of the setting sun. I was driving, so I tossed my phone to Greg and asked him to take a picture. Greg, often the more sensible, suggested we simply park at the bottom of the hill and walk to the river’s edge for a closer view and better photo op. On the banks of the American River, Greg snapped a pic of me in front of the bridge. “Hey turn around,” he said, “the light is really beautiful right now, it’ll make a great photo.” I obliged, at first assuming he was simply being his artistic self and then wondering why he was taking so long. To be honest, I was being silly and doing stupid poses. Sometimes he gets these ideas for framing a photo and I just stand there while he does his thing.


Finally Greg said “Got it!” and I turned to find him holding open a velvet box with a delicate, sparkling ring inside. Greg then knelt down on one knee (a none too comfortable task on the hard river rock) and asked “Do you wanna marry me?” Although I blacked out and don’t actually remember saying it, Greg assured me I said “YES!”



Still in shock!


So proud

After a long hug and a few tears, Greg took the ring and placed it on my finger, where it fit perfectly. It was a beautifully intimate moment against the backdrop of California’s natural beauty. The proposal was personal, surprising, romantic, and incredibly special. Afterward, we met up with our friends Roseann and Jeffrey in Nevada City and after sharing the good news, we had a very celebratory and indulgent evening. As we should! 


I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together! Forever just got real! So I guess it’s time to start planning this wedding of ours?! Send help!

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