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Events     |    April 6th, 2015

Here’s hopping you all had an eggcellent Easter Sunday spent with friends and family. This year was particularly special, as it marked the first time I have spent Easter with my family hare in Texas.

Spent the day with my Peeps

Spent the day with my Peeps

Never one to miss an opportunity to dress in theme, I took full advantage of the holiday when putting together my ensemble.  The pastel floral dress was a vintage score from Buffalo Exchange Dallas which I paired with my new and surprisingly comfortable heeled jellies from American Apparel. Pink bunny ears were found at the fabulous Target dollar section and, I feel, really brought the look full circle.

Peep garnish was a requirement for my champagne

Peep garnish was a requirement for my champagne

Buzzed Bunny

Buzzed Bunny

In typical Southern fashion, our Sunday brunch was entirely overflowing with delicious foods. Quiche, baked French toast, deviled eggs, pie, cake, honey-baked ham, bacon-wrapped cinnamon rolls and fresh fruit abounded. My mom did an amazing job putting everything together. I’m fairly certain there was as much food, if not more, than Thanksgiving!

Easter meal

Table 1 of 4 : We don’t skimp on Easter brunch

My great contribution to the meal was to decorate each and every platter with a Peep or two. They are truly underrated as an amazing garnish.

Accidentally take a bite of the coffee cake? Put a peep on it.

Accidentally take a bite of the coffee cake? Put a peep on it.

I hope everyone had a lovely, relaxing Easter. I cannot wait to see what adventure awaits me next during this beautiful Spring season. xo

Kids' table crew for life

Kids’ table crew for life



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  • On April 6, 2015 Jo said:

    What a great Easter! We have been blessed with many friends and family- our peeps! and are so grateful for each and every one. They add meaning and value to our lives and to be able to enjoy each other is a real gift. Love the vintage clothing and vintage house!

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