It’s Raining Hard in This Abyss

Design     |    May 1st, 2010

The weather has been insanely bipolar today. Monsoon to sun to thunder to rain to sun…Make up your mind! I can’t figure out what to wear!

Sooo…. Over the weekend my boyfriend and I went to Midtown to check out this little vintage shop he recently found called Crimson and Clover.

About two hours later, I emerged, victoriously clutching a hoard of new treasures.

I can’t believe I’ve spent almost a year living in Sacramento and have not yet discovered this place. The shop sells not only amazing vintage clothing, but also vintage jewelry, baby clothes, accessories, aprons, shoes, and…my favorite…housewares! Nearly every fixture and wall hanging is for sale. They also have some reworked/one of a kind pieces.

Anyway, that night my boyfriend was playing with lighting and I persuaded him to photograph me in a few of the pieces I picked up.

Me: “Hey take a picture.”

Him: “Um, you look really awkward.”

Me: “Sorry?”

The yellow jumper, brown leather belt, and yellow basket purse are all from Crimson and Clover. I had to get the yellow bag just to go with the jumper. Unfortunately you can’t really see it, but its so cute!

I also got this onesie and I love it! It’s black, with little Betsey Johnson-esque pink rosebuds. I have such a thing for jumpers and onesies. They’re cute, comfortable, and totally effortless. Sometimes it’s a pain for me as I’m just tall enough that they’re often just too short.

And I also got this tramp-clown painting. I have an intense fear of clowns, but this little guy was just too cute to leave behind.

My boyfriend also bought this totally scary doll for a photoshoot he’s working on. What you can’t see is that the doll actually has two faces. If you turn its head around, the other side is crying its eyes out.

After he bought the doll all of these bad things happened, so I’ve decided the doll is evil and cursed and won’t allow it back in my house.

On a soggier note, the rain is not giving me opportunity to wear all of the cute summer clothing I just bought so I’m somewhat p.o.’d. Bring back the sun!

Check out Crimson and Clover on facebook and on their blog.

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