Homeward Bound

Locales     |    January 9th, 2015

There certainly is no better way to wrap up the first weekend of the year then by visiting family and friends. In the wee hours of Sunday morning I flew into Oakland and spent a crisp but sunny day with my friends Roseann and Jeff.


It’s hard to believe I’ve known Roseann for almost seven years now. We’ve seen each other study abroad (England for her, France for me), graduate from college, quit jobs, start businesses and move from one place to the next. And almost three years ago I had the privilege of serving as bridesmaid in Jeff and Roseann’s Hilo, Hawaii wedding celebration.


FullSizeRenderWith no agenda in sight, we spent the day wandering around Temescal Alley, thrifting at the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse (one of the strangest and more delightful thrift shops I have yet encountered), grocery shopping at Berkeley Bowl, watching the Cowboys game and just relaxing.

However, no agendaless Sunday would be complete without brunch and ours at Aunt Mary’s cafe did not disappoint. Our meal of southern comfort food (withsag
added Bay Area flair) included Gingerbread Ricotta pancakes with a champagne & fruit compote, cheddar cheese grits with frizzled ham, eggs over easy and a side of greens, plus chicken pot pie with a perfectly flakey puff pastry topper was an exceptional meal to kick off my week back in California. Hungry yet?

Good friends, good food and good conversation. What more do you need?

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  • On January 11, 2015 Roseann said:

    Awe, I loved our little day together! I’m just sorry we never got a photo together (facepalm!). I can’t wait to visit you in Texas next! *blow kiss emoji*

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