Happy New Year!

Events     |    February 1st, 2016

The past few months have been unexplainably challenging. With no single reason to explain why, I felt stressed and overwhelmed and found myself in a cycle of frustration and discontent. As is often the case with these phases of life, there was no singular cause for my disquiet. I had stretched myself too thin and forgotten the old adage of just because you can, does not mean you should. Thankfully, a quick trip home to California, which included celebrating my best friend’s birthday, some time in the mountains, heartwarming visits with friends and (most importantly) no work, has me feeling revitalized and restored.

New Year's Eve (Round 1)

New Year’s Eve (Round 1)

As an adult, there are a lot of things (*cough*responsibilities) that suck. But the best part about being an adult is you can pretty much do anything you want. In honor of that, I’m counting February 1st as my new year’s day. So Happy New Year! Even with its initial challenges, this is going to be an amazing year. I’m excited for what the next chapter of life has in store for me and so many of my close friends. Maybe the cloudless blue skies and 70 degree weather is just going to my head, but I’m feeling optimistic and ready for new challenges and adventures. Bring it on 2016.



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