FS at Home: The Guest Room

Design     |    May 16th, 2016

After a few months of living in our new home, and seemingly endless hours spent priming, painting, arranging and then rearranging, we finally had the opportunity to host our first guest in the mostly completed guest room.

Guest Room

Welcome Basket

I put together a welcome basket complete with a few snacks, necessities and some non-television entertainment. When time differences are involved, it can be dull when everyone goes to bed ‘early’ or when you wake up ahead of the household. I tried to remedy this by including a coloring book and my favorite local magazine. And if all else failed, the bottle of Champagne was sure to do it.

Bedside Table


Media Unit



I stocked the bookshelf with a variety of reading materials. From art books to Texas specific reading, my hope is there is something for every guest to pick up and enjoy.

Guest Book

I even added a ‘Guest Book’ to the room. I just read Christina’s note and it brought a smile to my face! It was a fun touch that I’m looking forward to filling up with notes from future visitors.

Guest Room

There is still more to do in this room including switching out the ceiling fan and eventually installing hardwood floors. But for now it’s a work-in-progress our guests can call home while they explore Dallas and enjoy some Texas sunshine.

Deep Ellum, Dallas Texas

Thank you Christina for being our inaugural guest! You may recognize her from our Makers and Shakers series. If you haven’t already, pop over and get to know her a little better!


2 Comments on FS at Home: The Guest Room

  • On May 16, 2016 Roseann said:

    It looks so cozy, I can’t wait to visit!

  • On July 21, 2016 Faded Sentiments said:

    […] lot of these decor items now live in the guest room at my new house. Check them out […]

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