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People     |    January 20th, 2015

Being an “adult” can be very exciting. My friends and I have graduated from our different colleges, gotten jobs, boyfriends, husbands and moved to new and exciting places. But in doing so we have all become physically distanced from one another. Portland, San Francisco, Sacramento, LA, Nashville, Las Vegas, Brooklyn and Paris each serve as home to my various friends and yearly trips to each of these cities is, sadly, out of the question. While social media in all its forms helps keep many of us connected, two of my friends, (and myself) have a new project to stay in touch and share our stories.


We call it the Slam Book. (No not a burn book, this is not Mean Girls.) Part diary, part art journal and part status update, we use it as a safe space to share our thoughts, struggles and joys, while also posing questions to one another and creating mini works of art.


Our book concept was born after an amazing three-day weekend together in Las Vegas this past November. Betsy lives in Paris and was in the US for a few weeks to renew her visa. Chrissy lives in Las Vegas and had invited Betsy to visit for the weekend. On the side, Chrissy and I had conspired for me to fly into Las Vegas from Dallas the morning of Betsy’s arrival and surprise her at the airport. It IMG_2982went perfectly and Betsy was beyond shocked I was there. (Partly because I hid under a blanket in the trunk and jumped out when she went to put her suitcase away. People thought we were crazy.)  After spending a long weekend together and reliving the days when we were roommates in San Francisco, Betsy suggest we keep a “traveling journal,” and the slam book was born.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetCurrently our goal is to keep the book for no more than a week at a time and during that week read one another’s entries, recap our lives and share creativity. Betsy sent off the first entry from Paris, France to myself in Dallas, TX. I then mailed it to Chrissy in Las Vegas and she will send it back to France. I cannot wait to get it back from Betsy again and see what my friends have shared. Hopefully we can keep the book going long enough to start a second and a third!

As an adult, friendships take time and effort. I am so grateful to have friends who value our relationship enough to never stop reaching out.


Who would be in your slam book rotation? Imagine all the places your version of a traveling journal could go! 

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