Four Must-Haves for an Awesome Summer Roadtrip

Events     |    May 30th, 2016

Memorial Day weekend always feels like the perfect kick off to summertime fun. It’s finally warm enough to BBQ outside and even swim, but the oppressive heat of summer hasn’t yet worn down our spirits.

This summer, with airport wait times at an all time high and gas prices at a low, there has scarce been a better excuse to add a road trip (or two) to your upcoming weekend plans.

Ready to hit the road?

Faded Sentiments: Four Must Haves for an Awesome Summer Road Trip

The Destination

Before you can start the drive, you have to figure out where you’re going! When choosing a road trip destination, take into account how long you’re willing to drive, whether you want to be one with nature or explore a new city and how long you plan to stay in each spot.

If you’re planning to rough it with the wildlife, Reserve America and Go Camping America are two great resources for finding camp sites across the country.

For something with a few more comforts of home, Air BnB and VRBO allow you to rent other people’s homes, rooms, trailers or tree houses for anywhere from a night to a week. These are perfect for those who want to live like the locals when exploring new places.

Faded Sentiments: Four Must Haves for an Awesome Summer Road Trip

Choose Your Crew

You know you want an adventure, you know where you want to go, but who are you going to bring? When taking a road trip, don’t underestimate the importance of choosing the right people to join you in this adventure. You may love your best friend, but know that her ADD and need for a pillow-top mattress makes her the wrong candidate for a nine hour drive to camp in Colorado. However, your friend from work used to drive cross-country each summer of college and has been talking about camping in the mountains for months. Bingo.

Find friends and family who are equally excited about the type of road trip you’re about to embark upon. Driving for long periods can mean fatigue, getting lost and entering the unknown. To ensure that everyone has a great time, make sure the entire group is on the same page and prepared for whatever your trip might throw at you.

Faded Sentiments: Four Must Haves for an Awesome Summer Road Trip

Mapping It

So you’ve decided on a destination (or three), but how are you going to get there? And better yet, what kind of gems do you want to discover on your way? When planning a road trip, I always refer to to map out the route. Not only do they show you hotels and attractions along your drive, but you can also opt to see ‘Natural Wonders’ and ‘Weird Stuff!’

I used Road Trippers when planning a trip from Dallas to Marfa last year. Via their suggestions we discovered a ‘to-scale’ replica of Stonehenge, the Odessa Meteor Crater and took a photo with a 6-foot-tall jackrabbit. It definitely added to our adventure quotient.

Faded Sentiments: Four Must Haves for an Awesome Summer Road Trip

Car Party

You have a plan and a car full of people, now all you need is to make that drive a party. Before you start driving, make sure you have ample hours of entertainment downloaded and ready to play. When driving through the desert, mountains, country, seaside, etc. cell service can all too easily be interrupted. While this is often half the appeal, a four-hour drive through no man’s land can feel a lot longer when there’s no music to fill the void.

Get everyone on the trip involved in the entertainment. Each person should download a handful of their favorite Podcasts and have some music queued up as well. Another fun idea is to create a Road Warrior playlist for the trip. Each traveler contributes to the playlist so you never know what’s coming next and no one has room to complain about the music selection.

Three of my favorite Podcasts currently include Criminal, The Black Tapes, and Strangers and I love using the discover playlist on Spotify to find new artists.

Faded Sentiments: Four Must Haves for an Awesome Summer Road Trip

And just like that, you’re ready to road trip your way through summer. So gas up that car, grab your friends and go have an adventure!

Faded Sentiments: Four Must Haves for an Awesome Summer Road Trip

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