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People     |    September 1st, 2016

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“I was at such a high stress level,” recalls Kayla, “If he had reacted with high stress as well, it wouldn’t have worked out the way it did.”

Moving in with a boyfriend or girlfriend is a big step in any relationship. Many couples find living under the same roof brings them closer…But not every relationship grows stronger under the stresses that can accompany cohabitation.

“It’s about consciously choosing your mood, choosing your tone, choosing your actions,” says Roseann, “and always choosing love.”

Learn how three couples, at three different stages in their relationships, keep their partnerships solid, no matter what struggles life throws their way.

Read Faded Sentiments in the September Issue of Badassery Magazine

Read the full article entitled “Moving in and Staying Strong,” in the September issue of Badassery magazine. Available here.

Faded Sentiments for Badassery Magazine

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