City Vibes: NYC Part 2

Locales     |    May 11th, 2015

The remainder of my New York trip went by too quickly. Fortunately (although unplanned for) my Monday morning flight was cancelled and I was forced to fly out a day later. An extra day in the city? No complaints from me!

Sweet treats to celebrate being stuck in NYC

Sweet treats to celebrate being stuck in NYC

Saturday I walked around the Freedom Tower at One World Trade Center. It was really powerful to visit the memorial and see how far the city has come since 9/11.


The Freedom Tower

9/11 Memorial

9/11 Memorial

Sunday included more meandering and a pitstop for a new tattoo. Megan Massacre at Grit n Glory was doing Star Wars tattoos in honor of May Fourth. I couldn’t pass on an opportunity to both get tattooed by her and add a Vader to my collection! Thankfully I arrived early enough to make the list and walked away with a fabulous little sugar skull Vader on my leg. Megan was a professional and an absolute sweetheart, always a pleasant surprise when meeting a television personality in real life.

Vader from Megan Massacre at Grit n Glory NYC

Freshly inked Vader

I'm not sure if I make Megan look tiny or she makes me look like a giant...

I’m not sure if I make Megan look tiny or she makes me look like a giant…

On Monday, once I had confirmed I had a bed for the night and a flight on Tuesday, I headed to the MoMA to check out the Bjork exhibit. This is where traveling alone is the best. With nowhere I had to be and no one to rush me, I entered the museum at 12:30 and did not leave until close to 5pm. Sometimes when traveling with other people you may have differing agendas and not always want to go/do/eat/see the same things. While solo traveling has its drawbacks, the ability to do everything you want on your own time is a major perk.

Andy Warhol's soup cans

Andy Warhol’s soup cans

When you're lurking on some art and the art lurks back

When you’re creeping on some art and the art creeps back

The Bjork retrospective was phenomenal. I’m a fan of most, but not all of her music, yet have always admired her creativity and true artistic spirit. The exhibition was broken into three parts, a short film commissioned by the MoMA entitled “Black Lake,” a cushion strewn cinema room where her music videos played on a ten foot screen, and “Songlines,” an interactive audio experience. “Songlines” took us through each of her albums via an auditory narrative which included stories, poetry, music, and album clips. As you passed from room to room, each of her albums was represented alongside entries from journals, songbooks and costumes. The exhibit alone accounted for at least two hours of my visit and was a definite highlight.

From Volta: The right two ensembles are fabricated from crocheted pieces

From Volta: The ensemble on the far right is entirely fabricated from crocheted pieces

Marjan Pejoski’s Swan Dress...complete with accessory eggs

Marjan Pejoski’s Swan Dress…complete with accessory eggs

After finally leaving the MoMA, I headed to Central Park to enjoy the last few rays of sunshine for the day and partake in some New York City people watching.

Central Park Sunbeams

Central Park Sunbeams

I did so much walking in the handful of days I was there, I actually wore holes into my tights. If that isn’t a sign of a successful trip then I don’t know what is! Of course I actually enjoy walking everywhere I go. It allows you to see and experience more than you would from a cab.

I had such a great time visiting New York City. Hopefully on my next visit I’ll be able to bring along a friend or two to share in the experience.


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