City Vibes: NYC Part 1

Locales     |    May 9th, 2015

As a self-proclaimed “city girl” since the age of four, it has astounded many people that up until the past year I had never visited New York City. Family vacations as a child were spent road tripping around the Western states and never took us farther east than Texas. As a young adult, my love for France led me time and time again to fly right over New York and instead opt for European adventures.

Last November I finally made my way East, when a friend invited me to the city for a weekend following his business trip. After experiencing New York in the chilly Autumn, I was thrilled when my own work took me to Manhattan last weekend.

The Springtime weather was absolutely perfect, cherry blossoms were in full bloom and I had been itching for some adventure.

Cherry Blossoms

Blossoms in Brooklyn

Friday night I stayed in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and had my first Airbnb experience. I couldn’t have asked for a better location. Just steps from the Bedford Ave station the charming first-floor apartment was blocks away from local coffee shops, various boutiques, bistros and vintage stores galore. Most importantly it was only minutes from Momofuku Milk Bar. After dropping my things I headed straight for Milk and a late (very late) breakfast of Pork Bun and Cornflake Chocolate Chip Marshmallow cookie. I then spent the afternoon wandering through the streets popping into various shops and sampling some of the local cuisine, mainly iced coffee and macaroons.

Iced coffee, pork bun and a cornflake chocolate chip marshmallow cookie

Momofuku Milk Bar: I would eat this everyday given the opportunity.

Scenes from Catbird, the most darling jewelry shop

Scenes from Catbird, the most darling jewelry shop in Williamsburg

Secondary iced coffee and macaroon stop

Secondary iced coffee and macaroon sampling stop

That night I met my friend Hannah for dinner and a drink. I met Hannah, a New Jersey native, when we lived in the same building together in Paris. The last time we saw one another was when I moved out of our building in preparation for my return to the States almost two years ago! While that seems like a lifetime, it may as well have been yesterday. She filled me in on her life, finishing school, moving to Brooklyn, boyfriends, jobs and goings on. It was a wonderful evening catching up with an old friend.

Chilled pints and great conversation at Radegast Hall & Biergarten

Chilled pints and great conversation at Radegast Hall & Biergarten

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