City Vibes: NYC-“It’s a Small World”

People     |    May 18th, 2015

I don’t know too many people who have made the move to Manhattan or Brooklyn. Being from California, most city lovers I know have found themselves in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland or Seattle. I am no stranger to solo traveling and knew that when not working I would be on my own for much of the trip.

Imagine my surprise when scrolling through Instagram I discovered my friend from California just happened to be visiting NYC that very weekend. A couple of texts and a phone call later we had solidified plans to meet for dinner at Momofuku Noodle Bar.

Brandon's Instagram: Dumbo, Brooklyn

Brandon’s Instagram: Dumbo, Brooklyn

I met Brandon three years ago when we both worked for Urban Outfitters in Sacramento, California. The last time we got together he was working his way up at Zara in San Francisco and I had just returned to California after living in Paris.
Needless to say we had a lot to catch up on. Waiting for a table has never been more enjoyable as we filled one another in on our happenings since last we spoke. He had no idea I had moved permanently to Dallas and I was thrilled to learn he had received a promotion and made the move down south to LA.

Lower East Side


Dinner at Momofuku was absolutely incredible. We all got a classic Momofuku ramen bowl. Swimming in a bowl of divinely smokey broth were chewy noodles, fish cakes, pork shoulder, shredded pork, and the most pristinely poached egg I have ever eaten. It was absolute heaven. This was Brandon’s first experience eating ramen and his friend Kim and I both agreed he was absolutely ruined for future ramen excursions. That is the biggest issue when tasting the best of the best your first time around!


Bliss can be found in a bowl

Bliss can be found in a bowl

Brandon and Kim wear hats better than all of us

Brandon and Kim wear hats better than all of us

There is nothing better than when coworkers turn into lifelong friends. Visiting with friends and sharing in their accomplishments and personal growth always serves to inspire and enliven me.

Brandon, in addition to having supermodel-esque good looks, has a phenomenal sense of style and fashion blog. Check out his instagram here.

IG: brandonduvall

IG: brandonduvall

The older I get the more I am finding how small the world really is. Isn’t it such a beautiful thing?

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