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Design     |    March 25th, 2016

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably noticed the attention the eyebrow has been receiving of late. In the last few years brows have become an emblem of strength, glamour and femininity.

Or at least some people would have you believe.

For those not blessed with defined, dark or gracefully tapered brows by nature, fear not! New and easy-to-use products come in a plethora of formulas and colors making filling your brows an absolute breeze. Whether you’re looking for a natural look or going for bold glamour, here are three products that can give you the brows of your dreams.


Benefit Gimme Brow: Beginner Level

For those who have never delved into brow cosmetics, this is a fantastic place to start. Benefit calls this product the “30-second brow,” and it is aptly named. Within this tiny tube a duo of tinted gel and minuscule fibers work together to fill and set brows in seconds. The small, tapered brush allows you to apply the product directly into your natural brow to define the arch and keep wayward hairs at bay. I turn to Gimme Brow on my more natural makeup days or when there’s a “five minutes to get out of the door” crisis.

Benefit Gimme Brow

I use Benefit’s Gimme Brow in the Light/Medium formula to add a light amount of color and create a natural yet fuller look.

Gimme brow

Anastasia Brow Wiz: Beginner to Intermediate Level

After years of hearing the hype and then borrowing a friend’s, I finally caved and picked up a Brow Wiz pencil. And yes it lives up to its praises! Unlike other brow pencils, this one has a tiny tip of densely formulated pigment. The versatility of this small tip allow beginners to lightly trace and fill while giving more intermediate users the ability to draw in actual hairs or overly define and extend arches. The dual ended pencil includes a small brush, allowing you to blend the product while brushing hairs into place. I get a seamlessly defined brow each time I use this product.  I’ve even taken to adding a swipe of Benefit’s Gimme Brow at the end to keep my brows locked in place the entire day. (I’ve even slept in my makeup *I know don’t do it!* and woken with flawless brows.)

Anastasia Brow Wiz

I use Anatasia Brow Wiz pencil in Taupe to achieve a more naturally blonde look.


Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade: Advanced Level

I have worked my way through two jars of this product and I absolutely love it. While some have claimed it ups the risk of creating the dreaded “sharpie brow,” I’ve found that with the right application, the end result is a crisply defined and glamourous look. This pomade is applied with a stiffly angled brush and is waterproof, sweat proof and basically life proof. As such, I reserve the use of my Dipbrow for more daring makeup looks. This highly pigmented formula is perfect for creating a bold, defined and dramatic brow. I would recommend the Dipbrow formula for more “advanced” brow artists. The pomade formula and brush combination makes it slightly less manageable than a self contained pencil and can be an intense look for someone who has never seen their brows filled before. So work your way up to this one!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow

I use Dipbrow Pomade in Medium Brown to darken my brows and create a more dramatic makeup effect.


Whether you’re new to the eyebrow game or an old pro, the variety of products available today allows everyone the opportunity to take their brows to the next level.

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